Age of Legends (2018)
  • Directors: 刘新
  • 集数 Episodes: 47 Episodes
  • 首播 Broadcast Period:17/09/2018 -12/10/2018

橙紅年代 (2018)

Age of Legends,橙红年代,CN180917,Cheng Hong Nian Dai

戲劇 Drama , Action , Crime , Thriller , 大陸戲劇 Chinese | 第28集


  失踪八年的刘子光(陈伟霆 饰)突然出现在故乡江北市,丧失记忆的他却发现自己有了异于常人的体魄和能力。在一次营救被劫儿童的事件中,被女警胡蓉(马思纯 饰)当成嫌疑人物盯上。
  江北警方追查新型毒品“天使”跨国大案,机缘巧合下,一腔热血的刘子光协助胡蓉和警方将聂万峰(刘奕君 饰)及相关毒枭一一揪出,却意外发现自己牵涉其中,且与聂万峰渊源颇深。胡蓉的亲生父亲在执行卧底任务时被杀害,也和刘子光脱不了关系。

Chan William plays Liu Zi Guang, 30 years old, representing young men with a burning ardor, persevering to the top despite his humble background, displaying stories of love from all around. With a strong sense of justice and courage, he gathers a group of like-minded men. Due to an incident, he disappears from the world for 8 years, returning to find his dad beat up and admitted to the hospital. After delivering his brand of punishment to the deserved people, the nurses fall for his charms and upon meeting our female lead, the cop in charge of the case, they butt heads immediately. Doesn’t help that she discovers his involvement with a case from 8 years ago and is determined to uncover more dirt about him. Ma Sandra plays a 23-year old feisty police woman, the beauty of the bureau with a temper to boot...
Age of Legends (2018)
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编剧 Cast

Liu Yi Jun Support Role
Chen Yao Support Role
He Ming Han Support Role
Chu Shuan Zhong Support Role
Ye Zu Xin Support Role
Hu Xiao Ling Support Role
Wu Gang Support Role
Chan William Main Role
Ma Sandra Main Role

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