Night Shift (2015)
  • 集数 Episodes: 11 Episodes
  • 首播 Broadcast Period:19/08/2015 -02/09/2015

夜班 (2015)

Night Shift,Ye Ban

戲劇 Drama , Crime , Thriller , 港劇戲劇 Hong Kong | 11 Episodes


The (TVMaple.Com Night Shift-夜班) story links together the experiences of several E.U. assault team members working different night shifts. During their shifts, they already encounter all kinds of unfathomable dangers and challenges, but the true test of their endurance lies in the endless temptations that they face in the darkness of the night. With their willpower slowly weakening as the night wears on, their self-protection and restraint are also in danger of suffering serious blows.
Night Shift (2015)
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编剧 Cast

Kwok Samuel Tai Sir Main Role
Yuen Kathy Aka Main Role
Lam Dominic Bao Kuk Main Role
Lam Frankie Heman Main Role
Mak Bryant 6 Luck Supporting Role
Cheung Deon Edwin Supporting Role
Keung Philip Tai Dan Supporting Role
Lok Felix Che Ding Supporting Role
Leung Crystal Ah Fa Supporting Role
Ho Luvin Kit Supporting Role
Lam Rachel Leslie Supporting Role
Chan Bond Tin Kau Supporting Role

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